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澳门威尼斯人电子游艺:Xu Hao, Cathay Pacific Fund: The future A-share will be mainly to shake the whole trim

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内容摘要: The overall performance of public funds in 2017 dazzling, the structure of A-share market differentiation is serious, the volatility index ...

The overall performance of public funds in 2017 dazzling, the structure of A-share market differentiation is serious, the volatility index remained low, the Awkwardness of Public Fund and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock rose higher coincidence (out of new shares), nearly 2 / 3 Active Partial Stake Fund Outperforming the broader market, along with significant deconsolidation and deleveraging, A shares further progress toward institutionalization and internationalization. Insurance , Social Security, Public Offering, Bank The investment ideas of outsourcing and foreign investment have formed a resonance.


Two years ago, there was a long-term big gap between the A-share market and the international mature market valuation system. The stock market fluctuated sharply in 2015. With the intervene of the card and Huijin funds, the continual clearing of leveraged funds prompted and accelerated A shares The structural evolution of the market is also the only way for our country's capital market to continue to be standardized and deepened. If we say that the influence of public funds in 2007-2009 mainly depends on the absolute proportion, then the discourse right of public funds now lies in the leading role of deeply influencing the market style. Under the macro-control background of asset management and control, with the overall stock Game, the daily average volume is relatively reduced, compared with the relative income style of the raised funds, the absolute income agencies and the inflow and outflow of foreign capital form the marginal decisive force influencing the market trend.


Prospects for future market, I think in the 3250-3300 Shanghai Composite Index strong support, but the overall shock to trim the main, equivalent to a cooling period, a few rounds of deleveraging, downside space or systemic risk Very limited, but takes some time to consolidate. Among them, many of the broader market blue chips available disk did not imagine so much, and often out of the bear market. From 2016 Shanghai 50 China Securities 100, Shenzhen 100, 2017 In the absence of a complete withdrawal of the maintenance funds and taking into account the investment inertia of the existing mainstream institutions, the more obvious style switching is unlikely, Focus on the hot as the core, is a gradual equilibrium, the trend of proliferation, which will be investors in the next two years can be concerned about the point. In the study of homogeneity or excessive research A-share market, financial derivatives and other markets, the off-site structured business will become the future blue ocean, investors need to step up their learning to establish a broader vision more three-dimensional use of various asset tools Conduct investment transactions. For example, the better trading strategy in 2017 has been to short VIX index volatility, short the US bond yield, short the dollar, do more euro strategy, focus on other emerging stock markets (Hong Kong stocks, Ho Chi Minh index) and so on.


Keeping track of research and making scientific judgments can create value without having to count on "asymmetric information," like brand names in leading positions in fundraising for 2017, as you can see more clearly The managers of the fund will judge the future market and style just like the AlphaGo win. The core is the deep learning. The rules of Go Go are clear, not the extra help of "plug-in" and "buying equipment" This year like Cathay Pacific Fund , Oriental Asset Management and other excellent management brand premium good interpretation.


Two major questions from investors are often heard during the day-to-day management of the Nasdaq 100 exchange between the two funds and investors. One is the Nasdaq has been up for eight consecutive years, there is room for it (in fact, started doubts a few years ago); the other is when the A-share index rose for several years in a row, not so troublesome band operation, simple happiness , Do not have to be so "intelligent scheduled to vote "? In fact, when the United States also had the Internet bubble and a stock market disaster in 2000, many constituent stocks of the Nasdaq index changed at that time. Apart from the recovery and restoration of the U.S. economy, the sustained performance of listed companies and years of monetary easing , Listed companies continued to carry out stock repurchase and a complete delisting system (with more than 3,000 delisting in the past three years), the self-optimization of the Nasdaq 100 "sustained survival of the fittest," and "rising stocks with increasing weight" became The landmark index of the U.S. stock market can be said to be mutual achievements. I think the future of A-share market deepening and maturity in the process, our CSI 100, Shenzhen 100, CSI 300 also can accomplish such a mission. With the current A-share slow-buffeting market characteristics, there may be a 2,3-wave operation opportunity in a year. Choosing a good wide base index as the underlying core asset may be more realistic than the leader who can select active funds every year. " Deviation "probability is greatly reduced. The good thing about doing index investing is to overcome the "restlessness" (spring, end of the year restless, hard-to-grasp periodic bands) and "mental retardation" (nonconforming or fearless actual but continually overpricing) interference.





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